Affordable Hard Disk Replacement and Upgrades

The computer Hard Disk Drive – something many of us know little about, this component is often the heart of where our most valued computer data is stored. Your photos, music, documents, and pretty much everything you use on your computer is kept safe on your Hard Drive.

The most common problems caused by a failing hard disk drive are:

  • Your computer will run slower and slower
  • You might see errors like “No Bootable Device” and “Operating System Not Found”
  • Your computer might freeze up and go to blue screens more often
  • You might hear strange “clicking” noises

In most cases, our computer repair shop can recover any personal data if a hard drive fails.

We replace most failing hard drives with the new super-fast type of drive, called Solid State or SSD. These come with major advantages such as a big speed boost for your computer and are less likely to fail compared to the traditional Hard Disk Drive, as there are no moving parts.

We always recommend that you backup data that is important to you, even copying it onto a USB Stick from time to time, or using cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.