Laptop Power Jack Repairs and Genuine Laptop Charger Sales

We know how great laptop computers can be, they not only save on space but are perfect for carrying about the house or when you’re out and about. For as long as laptops have been around, they do have a rather fatal flaw. The power jack.

Most laptops still require you to plug in a charger cable which is still socket like, meaning if you accidentally pull the laptop away from the cable, the chances are you’ll break the laptop charging jack without too much effort, and you won’t be alone, as broken laptop jack repairs are one of our most common laptop repairs that we carry out.

Laptop Jacks in Stock
Soldering a Laptop Power Jack

Apple did try to solve this with a rather innovative magnetic charging jack, which meant if you pulled the charger away it would simply fall away from the laptop without damaging anything, but the sad truth is most manufacturers never did follow this fantastic idea, and as such, laptop users have be careful when it comes to power cables.

We also know that laptop chargers can break just as easy, and that’s why we stock all the most common genuine laptop chargers in our laptop repair section in our Dumfries computer repair shop.

So, if you are having laptop charging problems or would like to have your laptop booked in for repair, simply get in touch with Computer Fixer or drop by our shop in Dumfries. We stock most common laptop dc jacks and chargers and have a quick turnaround of same or next working day for this type of repair.

Depending on the type of power jack your laptop has, the repair cost can vary due to the level of work involved. As always, we will give you a full and accurate price before starting any work to ensure you know exactly what the repair charge will be. Generally speaking, you should not expect to pay any more than £60.00 for a professional repair with us. Genuine chargers start at £30.00