Trust us with your Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad Repairs

Computer Fixer Dumfries can help you with any issues you may be having with your laptop keyboard or touchpad. We’ve found over the years that these two components can go wrong quite easily, and are just as easy to replace.

If you find that when you are typing letters are not appearing or are appearing too many time, you may benefit from an affordable laptop keyboard replacement. Fixing the keyboard itself is not really something that is worth doing, as replacement laptop keyboards are so cost effective compared to what they once were.

We also find that if you have had a liquid spill related accident (most commonly wine or beer related), the first likely thing to go wrong is the keyboard. So, if this has happened to you, bring your laptop in as quickly as you can, and we should be able to repair liquid damaged laptops without too much hassle.

Touchpad repairs are also something that is relatively common, and most customers will report that the mouse jumps all over the screen or simply does not work at all. The same goes for the buttons on the touchpad, if they break or don’t work properly, then we are able to carry out quick laptop touchpad repairs in our Dumfries computer repair shop.

A top tip if your touchpad is causing you issues is to simply disable it, and plug in a USB mouse, which is a quick and cheap way to get going again. The same for keyboards, if you’re desperate a USB keyboard will keep you going until you are able to bring your laptop in to see a professional.

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