The experts in Custom Gaming and Performance PCs...

Computer Fixer has served gaming and performance minded customers for over 6 years locally, and we know how to put a fantastic and affordable custom desktop PC together that will meet and exceed your needs easily. When it comes to custom built computers in Dumfries, our experts will guide you through the process of finding your ideal machine by first taking a survey of your requirements.

Once we have completed our survey, we will then put some options together for you which we will advise you on, followed by us carrying out the build and in-store setup of your new customised PC.

We have built some impressive gaming machines in Dumfries for a variety of customer budgets, and we only use the best genuine components and the latest Intel processors which is what we recommend when it comes to powerful machines.

Our performance custom machines are also not just for gamers, as we have built high-speed and rock-solid desktops for architectural, graphic design, and video production clients as well.

As an Intel® Recognised Technology Partner, we’ve a proven track record when it comes to giving the best advice when it comes to choosing performance components.

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