Fast and Affordable Laptop Screen Repairs

The No.1 repair we tend to carry out at Computer Fixer in our Dumfries store are broken laptop screen repairs. These can be easily broken and just as easily fixed by our professional computer repair technicians.

Some of the common signs you need a new laptop screen can be;

  • Purple fuzzy lines on the screen
  • Blocks and strange displays on your screen
  • Lines and black dots / cracks on your screen
  • A faint dark image on your screen

The good news is we tend to stock the most common screen in our shop, and typically can fix your laptop either the same day if parts are in, or 2-3 days if they have to be ordered in.

All our new laptop screens come with a minimum 12 month no quibble warranty as standard, and the costs can range from anywhere around £40 to £130 depending on the make and model of your laptop.

Top tip: If you still need to use your laptop with a broken screen, simply connect it to another monitor or TV, as most machines come with a VGA or HDMI port that allows you to easily connect your laptop up to other screens with the right cable.