Offering a Wide Range of Computer Repair Services

Computer Fixer has served people of Dumfries and Galloway since it’s inception in late 2011 by James Carnochan. James came from a leading business to business computer service company after it was bought over by a larger outfit. He felt that after working for other people for a number of years, it was the right time to start his vision of what a truly independent, and customer focussed computer repair service in Dumfries would look like.

James believes that people are the heart of the business, and while it’s great to make money along the way, it’s never been the primary focus of Computer Fixer. When it comes to computer repairs in Dumfries, we were the first to promote having industry qualified and fully insured staff in a home computer repair type business in Dumfries and Galloway.

When it comes to our repair services, we have never been known to use cheap non-genuine parts, as again James believes that you are only as good as your last job, and as such, while not always being the cheapest, you will always find that any repair works we carry out that involves parts, also come with lengthy warranties to back them up.

Computer Fixer offers you a wide range of computer services that can either be carried out in your home by using our callout service, or in our dedicated computer repair shop in the town centre. We’re also more than happy if you would like to watch any work being carried out to your machine should you wish, as some people find it very interesting as to what exactly is involved when carrying out any computer repair.

Our computer shop in Dumfries is also able to carry out specialist work such as data recovery and soldering services, so if you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, simply give us a call or pop into the shop to find out if we can help in other ways. If we aren’t able to help directly, our staff will point you in the right direction so it’s always worth a chat.

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