Xbox Repairs in Dumfries - Computer Fixer Dumfries


If you’re the proud owner of a Microsoft Xbox 360 either the original model or slim, we’ve got dedicated engineers with a wealth of knowledge and advice to help you with your console no matter what your problem or question may be.

Open Disc Tray Message – If you’re Xbox 360 is displaying this even when a disc has been inserted to your console there is a high chance that your disc drive has become faulty as it cannot see that a disc has been inserted into your console. We are able to repair Xbox Disc Drives within 2-3 working days.

xboxdiscreaderrorUnreadable Disc Message – If you’re Xbox 360 is displaying this message, there are a number of reasons why this may be coming up. It can range from being a software related issue due to system or game updates, or it may be a damaged laser within the console. Either way we are able to resolve these problems for you quickly as we are able to replace the laser within the drive or replace the whole drive.

Red Rings – If you’re Xbox is coming up with the Red Ring of Death, in most cases we are able to carry out free diagnostics and carry out repairs as necessary. Red Rings indicate a serious hardware fault or system failure within the Xbox Console, and each red ring has a different meaning, it can be graphics faults, network faults, overheating and more.

Network and Media Centre Issues – We are able to guide you through setting up your Xbox as a media centre to watch films and listen to music through your TV. If you’re having trouble with getting this setup, we’ll keep you on the right track.

If you have any other issues with your Xbox Console, simply get in touch with Computer Fixer as we repair Xboxes in Dumfries and surrounding areas, no matter what the problem in our dedicated games console repair zone in our technical workshop.