PlayStation 3 Repairs in Dumfries - Computer Fixer Dumfries


If you’re the proud owner of the Sony PlayStation 3 either the original large model or the new slim model, we’ve got dedicated engineers with a wealth of knowledge and advice to help you with your console no matter what your problem or question may be. We have are the only company in Dumfries to offer specialist PlayStation 3 Repairs in Dumfries using our rework stations and specialist tools.

Yellow Light of Death – This is a very common fault among the PlayStation 3 family. This problem can be caused by the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or the CPU (Central Processing Unit) overheating which causes the solder underneath them to crack. In some cases we need to remove and renew the chips at no extra cost.

Hard Drive Faults – These can occur when the PlayStation has not been being turned off properly, or due to an excess heat build-up. This will in turn make your console unable to turn on.

Disc Reading Problems – If your console is having trouble reading discs, we’re able to repair or replace your disc drive with genuine Sony parts, ensuring a trouble free operation when it is returned.

Firmware Errors – These are sometimes caused due to software updates that go wrong or other issues within your PS3. Please be aware that unfortunately not all firmware issues can be repaired at this time, so please get in touch for more details.