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Internal Socket Installations

If you’re thinking of extending your phone line internally with the addition of more sockets, we’re able to help you with minimal cost. At the time of writing this page (Dec 2012) BT are charging a whopping £90.00 per hour callout rate for the installation of any new extension sockets in your home which seems a ridiculous amount compared to our low rates.

We are able to re-fit and re-locate BT Master Sockets, carry out any internal wiring, and install any Extension Sockets you may need. All our installations are carried out with your broadband quality in mind, meaning we ensure any wiring is done to the best possible standard.

This also applies if you have had any damaged sockets due to lightning strikes in your area, we can test your wiring and replace sockets as necessary.

All our telephone equipment we use is genuine BT Openreach branded. This means you get the same service that BT Openreach offer but at a fraction of the price.



Phone Line Health Checks

You may not realise it, but over time your phone wiring in your home can become a mess. In some cases wiring may not have been updated since the 70s or 80s, and back then no one thought a phone line would carry digital broadband services like they do today, and this can impact your broadband quality and speed.

We offer a Phone Line Health Check to ensure your internal wiring is at its optimal condition ensuring you can get the best signal in your home. We can cut down unused wiring and upgrade old sockets and junction boxes too.

Our health check service is a quick and easy way to eliminate small faults on your line too that you may not even be aware of. Getting your internal phone wiring up to date helps future proof your line to ensure you have the best chance of getting future broadband services without any hassle.