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Slow PC HelperWe all know how annoying a slow computer can be, as when you’re computer goes slow even the simplest task can turn into a waiting game which is extremely frustrating when you’ve got a busy day ahead.



There are various things that can cause a computer to slow down, such as the age of machine, the amount of software installed, and even faulty components can cause you problems. We are able to fix slow computers in Dumfries and Galloway quickly and effectively, with repairs only taking a day or two to complete.

Computer Fixer Dumfries offers a PC Health Check service that is designed to bring a new lease of life to you slow and annoying computer, which will boost the speed significantly and ensure you can get the best out of your machine with the minimal amount of fuss.

We offer various levels of PC Health Checks and servicing, which are all designed to prolong the life of your PC and keep your computing life worry free going forward. Our experienced computer repair technicians will also give you a full report of what was found to be slowing your computer down and how to avoid this in the future, giving you a greater insight to your machine.

When it comes to servicing, we also remove any dust build up which can block the ventilation fans within your computer, which can cause overheating and component failures in the future if not cleared. We tend to find laptops are more at risk of this than desktops, and a common symptom of this can be when your laptop feels really hot and switches off.

Computer Fixer Dumfries offers the fastest slow computer repair service in Dumfries, with a turnaround time of only a couple of days, and in some cases, the same day.

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