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DCJACK1This week I would like to talk about our Broken DC Jack Repair Service. At Computer Fixer Dumfries we see a lot of laptops which have had their charge port broken by accident or in some cases, general wear and tear.

Some people think that the laptop is a write-off at that point, as repairing the power jack can be a complex job, however at Computer Fixer, we are able to remove and replace broken DC Jacks on all makes and models of laptop computer at an affordable price, saving you the expense of a new machine.

There are different types of DC Jack which means that prices can vary as the time to carry out some repairs may be more than others, however for most types of repair, we offer a fixed price service which means that the time to repair your device should not affect the price given.

In order to prevent further damage once a power jack has been broken, our advice is that you switch off the laptop as soon as possible and disconnect the charger, remove your charger from the wall, and contact us for a free estimate to resolve the problem.

We strongly discourage clients from trying to jam the charger into the broken jack trying to get it working, as this can cause short circuits within your laptop computer which can cause severe damage to your machine, along with the potential risk of electric shock, and damage to your charger unit, which then may require replacement.

Once we repair a faulty or broken laptop power jack, we carry out thorough testing of both the jack and charger to ensure there has been no other damage caused as shown above to ensure everything will be working in perfect order going forward.

Unlike a lot of the “computer experts” in Dumfries, Our workshop has a dedicated solder repair workstation, which is fully compliant for working with sensitive electronic devices which is very important in order to protect your laptop from static damage, as incorrect repair methods can render your laptop useless. We are also fully trained and experienced to handle even the most complex DC Jack Repairs involving main-board solder work, as well as plug-in type connectors.

Thanks for reading, James.

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